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‚ÄčDuring the peak summer months in Miami, FL, it does not just get hot but melting hot. Anyone out under the sun only wishes to escape the scorching heat and step into a room with the air conditioning unit functioning at full blast. But as irony would have it, air conditioning systems can fail when needed the most bringing the uncomfortable heat inside the house. Has your AC stopped functioning altogether? Is it blowing stifling, hot air instead of a comforting, cool breeze? Stop waiting around in discomfort and call the experts immediately.

Putting off much-needed repairs can lead to a sudden disruption and may even escalate the issue further. If your AC is exhibiting even the slightest sign of trouble, dial 786-581-0086 and get in touch with the most reliable AC service experts in your city – Miami AC Tech

What do we fix?

From commercial HVAC units to portable home units, we can repair all types and brands of ACs. Our experienced technicians have worked on almost every brand under the sun and have intricate knowledge of every component that goes into your air conditioning unit. Moreover, we have a special team of commercial experts to handle the complicated needs of centralized units. Over the years, we have provided top-notch solutions to some of the leading names in the industry and established a state-of-the-art infrastructure replete with cutting-edge tools to offer remarkable air conditioner service anytime, anywhere.

Common Repairs we deal with:

Here are some of the common issues our experts deal with on a regular basis:

Compressor issues:

The compressor is the most vital component of an air conditioning unit and is essentially the heart of the whole process. In a nutshell, a compressor is what brings down the temperature in the room by blowing in cool air. Its job is to circulate the refrigerant required for heat exchange through the coils. It also compresses the gaseous refrigerant, raising its temperature and changing it into a high-pressure gas. Common motor or electrical issues can result in a compressor malfunction which will make your unit ineffective. Miami AC Tech experts understand the complexities of the compressors and can easily fix any related issues. 

Fan problems:

Air conditioning units are equipped with two types of fans – the condenser fan and the evaporator fan. The job of the indoor blower is to thrust cool air into your ducts while the outdoor fan expels heat from the room. While fans operate seamlessly to condition the air in the room, they are sometimes prone to malfunction. Fan motor problems, relay board issues, worn out belts, or loose blades are some of the common reasons for a malfunctioning fan. Our experts will get to the core of the problem and try their best to avoid replacements.

Refrigerant leaks:

One of the most commonly encountered issues our technicians deal with is refrigerant leaks. An evasive refrigerant leak can effectively stop the AC from cooling the premises and usually happens due to lack of maintenance or factors such as vibration or weakening heat pump. Most people believe that refilling the refrigerant is the solution, but that is just half the job done. It is imperative to detect and fix the leak to ensure that the refrigerant does not escape again.

Other repair tasks we undertake are:

  • Miami AC Tech Miami, FL 786-581-0086Repairing malfunctioning thermostat sensors
  • Control or wiring issues
  • Recharging refrigerant
  • Improving air quality
  • Unclogging filter
  • Cleaning ductwork

Get your cool back with Miami AC Tech

Miami AC Tech offers 24x7 services anywhere in Miami, FL to ensure that you don't have to spend a single night without a functional air conditioning unit in your house. Moreover, we understand how stifling it gets without an AC during any hour of the day and assures speedy response time of just 15 minutes. Need affordable repair, maintenance or installation services? Call us now on 786-581-0086.