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Technology has become an integral part of our lifestyle and is slowly dominating every aspect of our day-to-day function. Today, it won’t be wrong to say that there are some things we just can’t live without. From mobile phones and laptops to television sets and refrigerators, we heavily rely on a lot of machines almost on an hourly basis. Similarly, an air conditioner is one such important machine that is invaluable during the sweltering heat of Miami, FL area. When temperatures are hitting the roof, all one could think of is escaping into a cool air-conditioned room. But with such high dependency on ACs, it also becomes our responsibility to seek the guidance of a reliable AC service firm which can help us with timely maintenance, repairs, and installation.

Who are you letting into your home?

Miami AC Tech Miami, FL 786-581-0086An air conditioner is a valuable and costly investment which protects you from the heat, but who is the one protecting your AC? An AC service guy who shows up at your doorstep with a casual look, almost no equipment and an unbranded van is someone you simply cannot trust. Allowing just any local technician into your house and letting him fiddle around with your AC is tantamount to permitting a quack to operate on your body. Local technicians will most likely offer brain-dead solutions and could even steal important components of your AC and sell them on the black market. Always remember to call a reputed brand like Miami AC Tech by dialing 786-581-0086, because we offer professional services from educated and skilled technicians.

We have a vast experience of over two decades and have established ourselves as the #1 AC service firm in Miami, FL which serves a large list of residential clients.

Best-in-class AC expertise

Bought a new AC and wondering how to get it installed? Need to tune-up your unit ahead of the summers? Air conditioner not blowing cool air anymore? Whatever your issue may be, we will offer the most affordable and effective solutions. In all these years of serving every little need of the community, our technicians have amassed enough experience and knowledge to identify all air conditioning issues within minutes and resolve them efficiently. Add to that our budget-friendly prices, state-of-the-art equipment, 24x7 availability, and a large fleet of mobile workshops and you have a top-notch AC service firm far ahead of any competitor.

Here’s a look at some of the service we provide:

Choosing the right AC:

Selecting the right air conditioning unit can be a daunting task but our experts can make it easier for you. With knowledge of the latest brands and an assessment of your requirements, we will help choose the right AC for your house.


Installing an AC might seem with DIY videos, but is actually a very technical and sophisticated procedure which should only be undertaken by experts like us.


Is your AC not as effective as it used to be? Is it blowing warm air instead of cool? Call our experts right away and we will get to the bottom of the problem!


We offer customized maintenance plans that are light on the pocket and suited for all your needs.

We care for your home as if it were our own

Most local technicians will leave your place in disarray with dust and electronic waste everywhere after an installation of a repair job, but Miami AC Tech is not like that. Our experts lay down carpets and wear boots to ensure that your place does not get dirty. Plus, we ensure proper cleanup after a drilling job or laying the ductwork.

Call us now on 786-581-0086 and avail the best residential AC service in Miami, FL!