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Hands down, the worst part of summers is when your AC bails on you and stops cooling the room. If the issue surfaces during the day time, one would simply call a technician immediately and get the issue resolved. But what if the AC stops working in the middle of the night? How will you spend the rest of the night in suffocating heat without the cool, comforting air of the air conditioner? 

Spending a sleepless night in the heat is something no one would want. On the other hand, finding the right 24-hour emergency AC service could also be tricky as you never know which firm to trust. But relax, Miami AC Tech’s got your back. We are the premier AC service company in Miami, FL which takes care of all your AC-related emergency needs 24 hours a day.

Do you need an overnight installation of commercial HVAC unit? Need an urgent repair for your home air conditioner? Call our 24x7 helpline 786-581-0086 and find solutions to all your needs.

Wrong decisions, poor outcome

An emergency can unnerve the best of us and leave us in an unsettling frame of mind. This is why most people who are searching for an emergency service would call the first company they would find to get rid of their problem. For instance, if your AC is not working in the middle of the night, the most obvious thing you would do is look for a 24-hour AC service company on the net and call the first number you see. Unfortunately, companies out there know this fact and exploit people by quoting extremely high prices. Moreover, they would provide shoddy service without any proper follow-up and may even carry out a botched0up job just to get your AC in a temporary running condition. Don’t fall prey to such companies! Always choose a time-tested firm which enjoys a healthy reputation among Miami, FL community.

Why should you choose Miami AC Tech?

While most companies would lure you with the usual fluff like ‘customer-first’ and ‘top-notch’ quality, Miami AC Tech believes in walking the talk. Ever since we established our name in the business, our primary objective has been to cater to all your needs, even if they arise in the dead of the night. For this reason, we became one of the first AC service firms in Miami, FL to offer solutions beyond the usual 9-5 hours. Today, we are a successful 24x7 operation that offers its vast array of services throughout the day and with zero additional costs. Unlike others, we don’t add hidden costs to the final bill and remain transparent about our prices throughout. Still don’t trust us? We have an exhaustive list of commercial and residential clients who will be happy to vouch for our integrity, quality, and reliability.

We are:

  • Miami AC Tech Miami, FL 786-581-0086Available 24x7
  • Totally mobile
  • Ready to tackle any emergency
  • Technically proficient
  • Moral and ethical
  • Reliable
  • Budget-friendly

What we do?

Breakdowns: AC stopped working? With a rich experience and an army of skilled experts, we can get to the core of the problem within minutes and restore your air conditioner back to perfect working condition in no time

Emergency installation: Moved into a new house? Need an urgent installation that just can’t wait? Simply call us and our experts will be with you right away!

Refrigerant recharge: Refrigerant leak is a common issue our technicians deal with on a daily basis. If your refrigerant has escaped resulting in ineffective cooling, call us immediately and we will fix the leak.

Control issues: Sometimes, the air conditioner unit is completely fine but refuses to work properly due to an issue with the control unit. Our adept technicians can identify and fix these problems in a jiffy!

Air quality solutions: Do you suspect the air quality in your house is not up to the mark? Has someone in your house developed a sudden allergy? Call Miami AC Tech immediately and get your duct/filter cleaned.

You can avail our vast menu of services any time of the day. So, don't hesitate to call us for anything, even at 4am. The Miami, FL’s most trusted emergency AC service is always available for you on 786-581-0086