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Residents of Miami-Dade County hardly ever stop to think that the beautiful land they call home was once nothing but a wetland with a minuscule population. A shining example of the industrial age, Miami-Dade grew leaps and bounds in the 1900s and turned into a sophisticated urban dwelling that is home to over 2.5 million people in a matter of decades. Early settlers were first drawn to the region due to its year-round warm climate. Gradually, as urbanization kicked in, the region witnessed a major growth spurt and saw rapid transformation. Today, Miami-Dade is a popular tourist attraction and urban dwelling that perfectly blends together cultures, entertainment, art, and nature.

Air conditioning: How it’s burdening our pockets?

Everything went right for Miami-Dade in its initial years with quick-pace development setting the stage for a sophisticated urban hub. However, as the population continued to swell with more and more people migrating to the region, the county began to choke. Vertical growth, shrinking spaces, and excruciating heat have started taking a toll on the community. Today, it is almost unimaginable to survive without an air conditioner, whether you are at home, work or anywhere else. With such heavy reliance on AC, people are compelled to buy new units every other year and pay hefty power bills every month. Surely, you too must be spending a major piece of your monthly budget on AC repairs and maintenance.

The key to efficient air conditioning use

Switching off your AC is not an answer as it will only make the summer more painful. But adopting a few wise measures can always help you lower the burden. Here are some tips that Miami AC Tech experts suggest:

  • Find the right AC:

A room too large for an AC or an AC too large for a room? Either scenario is bad. While an oversized AC will lead to unnecessary power bills, an undersized unit will always be under constant pressure. An air conditioning expert can guide you through the latest selection of units and help you zero in on the one that perfectly meets your requirements.

  • Install it right:

Installation of a unit is not just a tedious compulsion but a very crucial one as it can decide how the AC will function. Our experts take into account several factors during this stage such as the room dynamics, the number of people, ducting, etc. to ensure a perfect installation job.

  • Say yes to maintenance:

Many people have a very lazy approach towards maintenance, with a shocking majority avoiding important pre-season checkups. Choosing a viable maintenance plan can help you keep your AC in top shape and reduce frequent malfunctions.

  • Check for leaks

Leaks are extremely common and can lead to a significant drop in efficiency. However, with timely checkups, you can always avoid these issues.

  • Plant shade trees

Going green is one of the best ways to counter the heat, and there are many heat absorbing plants out there that can help you keep your environment cool and fresh.

  • Know who to trust

Choose a local AC expert without a brand name or trust of the community and you will surely end up regretting your decisions. Miami AC Tech has been tirelessly serving the residents of Miami-Dade for well over two decades and continues to provide the finest AC service in the region.

A to Z air conditioning solutions

With knowledge of any brand under the sun, positive feedback from thousands of customers and a close-knit team of seasoned experts, Miami AC Tech has exactly the credentials anyone needs in an AC service company.

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